Rodiant focuses on custom packaging solutions over 20 years.

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As one of the professional packaging solutions company in China, Rodiant provides custom packaging solutions for many industries and got recognition from customers.

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    With 14+ years of experience
    Factory 2000+ square meters
    Sold to 100 countries worldwide
    More than 20 groups of production equipment
    The biggest advantage of our products
    We have a complete production line and many equipments, including two five-color printing machines, one laminating machine, one automatic beer machine, five hand beer machines, one automatic laminating pit paper machine and many automatic gluing machines, etc.
    We have our own team to design, typesetting, printing and production.
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    We are a company that integrates design, printing and production. This is our 17th year in the packaging industry, serving countless domestic and foreign companies, etc.
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    Customer cases we serve
    Rodiant custom packaging company promise to provide each customer one-stop service from production to shipment to ensure the order finished on time.
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    our service
    One-stop packaging solutions
    Rodiant packaging provides one-stop custom packaging solutions for corporate customers, including packaging design, packaging structure design, material selection and proofing, mass production and fast shipping. Our main products: packaging boxes, high-grade gift boxes, environmental protection plastic boxes, picture booklets, stickers, aluminum foil bags, handbags. 
      Free samples.
      Digital proofing is convenient and quick.
      Carton packaging
    Get Inspired

    How do we customize packaging boxes?

    Firstly, we will design packaging based on the product, including box type, material selection, and surface treatment process, to create packaging that meets the product's value.

    After confirming the packaging box type, material, and process, we will quickly produce digital printed samples or 100% samples for customer confirmation.

    After the sample is confirmed, standardized production can be carried out, including standard printing or special printing, surface treatment, special processes, die-cutting forming, structural forming, and most importantly, product quality inspection.

      Packaging and shipping
    We have rich experience in exporting products. For products shipped to international logistics, we will use high-quality cardboard boxes to package the products to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation.
    The customer clearly informed us of his needs, first of all, we need a hand-held box, in addition to the hand-held position needs to be made in the form of a rabbit ears, preferably with an expression pattern. We began to draw sketches after knowing the customer's needs.
    1. First of all, when the customer puts forward the demand, we will follow the customer's demand to make the sketch, the box type and the choice of material. We also explain to the customer why we choose this material and box type. 2. After communicating with the customer about the basic needs and perfecting the details of the sketch, we will arrange to make samples, and the sample time is about 1-3 days.
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    Our clients
    We are over 20 years in partnership with following Brands and Companies
    About Rodiant
    The daily production volume of large products reaches more than 1 million
    Rodiant packaging solutions company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has introduced a total of more than 20 sets of modern production equipment, internal experienced management and high-quality front-line staff, can provide one-on-one communication with designers in the early stage, the late production management of the whole follow-up, independent production process real-time feedback real-time answer, the company through the scale, professional productivity integration to enhance efficiency.

    Can realize the paper card color box 4 hours out of the sample, the order shipment time as fast as 72 hours, the large production process, Order shipping time is as fast as 72 hours, and the daily production quantity of large goods reaches 1 million+.
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    Blog & article
    With the rapid development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for packaging, not only requiring high-end and exquisite packaging, but also requiring certain environmental protection performance and individual appearance. Post-press processing not only improves the artistic effect and added value of packaging, but also meets the needs of consumers at different levels...
    2023 07 21
    Rodiant’s summer team building activity has begun. In order to thank the employees for their hard work, our general manager specially planned this team building activity. I hope everyone will have a good time. We came to Shuangyuewan Beach in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. It is always the sea that can make people relax completely.
    2023 07 21
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    Looking for pack customization? partner with the best.
    +86 186 6492 8767
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    Huang Dianchao
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    Focus on packaging products production, printing, customization, over 20 years 
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    1F, Building D, No.8 Qixin Road, Wulian Community, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
    Contact person: Huang Dianchao
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